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Everything You Need To Know About Labiaplasty

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the most commonly performed genital esthetic operation. It is the term used to describe the procedure of reducing the size or length of labia minora (inner lips),to prevent hanging and protrusion through labia majora (outer lips).

What are the functions of labia minora?

The main function of the inner lips is to protect the openings of urethra and vagina. They also form a hood at their junction to cover the clitoris which is a very sensitive tissue.

Why would somenone get a labioplasty? When is a labiaplasty necessary?

Women may need such surgery for cosmetic and/or functional reasons. The most common reasons for a labiaplasty can be summarized as:

  • Pain during sexual intercouse,
  • Physical discomfort with tight clothes or activity such as biking, running, horse-riding, swimming etc,
  • Recurrent vaginal infections,
  • Loss of self -esteem due to asymmetrical or loose, long labia,
  • Discomfort about labia peeking out through bathing suits or tight clothes.

How common is a labiaplasty?

Every year around 10.000 women undergo labiaplasty in US. These numbers are increasing and it is becoming more and more popular, as women read more about genital esthetic surgery and patient reviews.

Why is labiaplasty popular?

Most women applying for surgery are not looking for a perfect vagina, but rather seek comfort during sports, sex and other daily activities. Thanks to social media and internet, more and more women learn each day that elongated, loose or asymmetrical labia can be fixed.

Can you get your labia reduced?

Labia minora (inner lips) can be reduced in size through a simple surgical outpatient procedure called a labiaplasty.

Can you fix elongated labia? How do you fix elongated labia?

Elongated labia can be fixed through a labiaplasty procedure. It is the surgical procedure in which one or both inner lips are reduced in size and length.

Can you fix asymmetrical inner lips?

Asymmetrical inner lips can be congenital (from birth) or develop later in life. Their asymmetry can be corrected by a straightforward surgical procedure called a labiaplasty.

How is labioplasty performed?

It can be done by using different surgical techniques. The most common techniques are trimming and wedge resection.

Several types of incisions can be used to decrease the size of labia minora. Mostly absorbable sutures are used so that they do not have to be removed.

It is usually performed in private clinics or hospitals as an outpatient procedure.

What kind of surgeon performs labiaplasty?

Genital esthetic surgery can be performed by a gynecologist or a plastic surgeon who had training in cosmetic genital surgery.

Does ObGyn do labiaplasty?Can ObGyn perform labiaplasty?

Gynecologists who are trained in cosmetic genital surgery can do labiaplasty, actually more patients in Turkey apply to gynecologists than plastic surgeons for cosmetic genital procedures.

Can you have labiaplasty without anesthesia?

It is possible to perform labiaplasty procedures in the office setting under local anesthesia. However sedation or general anesthesia is offered to most patients to increase patient comfort and better surgical outcomes.

How do I prepare for labiaplasty?

  • Stop smoking before surgery,
  • Stop taking medications like aspirin, vitamin supplements etc, only take medications that are recommended by your doctor,
  • Let your surgeon know about any medical health conditions, drug allergies, past surgeries etc,
  • Take sometime off of your work (around 1 week) after surgery,
  • Have comfortable, loose clothing (granny panties) with you to wear following the, procedure, like sweatpants and cotton underwear. No tight synthetic underwear or thongs will be allowed for a week after surgery,
  • Shave or wax all the hair on the vulva 4 days before surgery.

What should you not do before labiaplasty?

  • Avoid vitamin supplements, blood thinners such as aspirin, NSAID s, omega 3, weight loss medications prior to surgery,
  • Do not eat or drink anything 12 hours before surgery.

Should you shave before a labioplasty?Is it OK to shave before surgery?

You can shave or wax 4 days prior to a labiaplasty surgical procedure to allow your skin to heal.

Should I wear a pad after labiaplasty?

You can put sterile gauze under your pad for the first few days after surgery. You will be also adviced to put ice bags intermittantly over the gauze. (on a 20 minutes on 20 minutes off schedule)

Can you wear jeans after labiaplasty?

It is recommended to wear loose clothing like sweatpants, pyjamas, nightdresses for the first week after labiaplasty. Later after your first control, you can gradually start wearing tight clothes like jeans.

When can I start wearing tight clothes after labiaplasty?

You should wait around 6 weeks to wear tight clothes like thongs or jeans, or tampons after labiaplasty.

How to sleep after labiaplasty? What is the best postion to sleep after labiaplasty?

After labiaplasty, sleeping on your back is the most comfortable postion. You can spread your legs comfortably or place a pillow between your legs if this feels better.

How do I sit after labiaplasty?

It is better to lie on your back (with 20 minutes on and off ice packs) rather than sitting or standing for the first few days after surgery. Having some rest will decrease swelling, hematoma risk and other possible surgical complications.

What can you not do after labiaplasty?

You should avoid swimming, sex, exercise, strenous activity and heavy lifting 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

How can I make my labiaplasty heal faster?

  • Keep the area clean and dry,
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and underwear,
  • Avoid moist and sweat in the area,
  • Have a lot of rest and a healthy diet,
  • Avoid sex, sports and epilation until the wound heals.

How long after labiaplasty can I use soap?

Do not use anything other than what is recommended by your doctor to clean the surgical area.

How do you pee after labiaplasty?

Peeing will not be affected by a labiaplasty procedure and will not be painful either. Do not forget to clean the area by spraying water from the front to the back after visiting the bathroom and drying afterwards.

How do you poop after labiaplasty?

Usually defecation will not be affected by labiaplasty and it will not be painful.You should spray water from the front to the back after each bathroom visit and keep the wound dry and clean.

How long will I bleed after labiaplasty?

Usually there is only slight spotting type of bleeding a few days after a labiaplasty.

When can you wash your vagina after labiaplasty? How do you clean your vagina after labiaplasty?

You can wash the vagina by spraying water from front to the back after using bathroom and keep the area dry and clean at all times after surgery. Do not rub the area in an effort to remove blood or other elements.

How do you shower after labiaplasty?

You should wait at least 48 hours for your first shower after surgery. But you can clean the area by spraying water and later drying. Do not try to rub or excessively clean the genital area.

Can you drive yourself home from labiaplasty ?

Although patients who had surgery under local anesthesia are able to drive ufter surgery, it is recommended that patients who had either general anesthesia or local anesthesia have someone to accompany and drive them home after surgery.

Can you go home the same day after labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is mostly performed as an outpatient procedure, which means most patients can go home after having some rest in the clinic on the same day of surgery.

Can labiaplasty be performed with other cosmetic genital procedures?

Labiaplasty can be performed with other cosmetic genital procedures such as:

  • Clitoral hoodectomy,
  • Vaginoplasty,
  • Hymenoplasty,
  • Monsplasty.

What can I do instead of labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the surgery performed to correct either labial asymmetry or labial hypertrophy and there is no alternative to surgery if these problems cause concern to a woman.

Can labiaplasty cause infertility?

Labiaplasty does not cause infertility and has nothing to do with internal genital organs such as the tubes, ovaries and the uterus.

Can you have a baby after labiaplasty?

Yes, you can have a baby after a labiaplasty, once the wound is healed and you can also deliver your baby vaginally. Actually the labia are located outside the vagina and the effect of surgery is permanent and will not be reversed by pregnancy or delivery.

Can labiaplasty cause nerve damage?

A labiaplasty doaes not cause nerve damage or loss of sense according to a study published in 2016 in Aesthetic Surgery Journal ‘Most labiaplasty techniques can be performed safely and are unlikely to cause loss of sensation as the nerve density distribution in labia minora is heterogeneous.

Can a labiaplasty help with uti?

Recurrent urinary tract infections may have many underlying causes. Disturbance in the balance of vaginal flora may be one of the underlying causes. Although a labioplasty can not directly heal vaginal or urinary infections, it may help to keep better hygiene in the genital area.

Does labiaplasty make you tighter?

Labiaplasty removes excess subcutaneous fat and saggy, dark coloured, loose tissue from the labia so that tha labia become tighter and smoother. The vulva gets a more youthful appearance after a labiaplasty.

Can labiaplasty be covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance policy whether a cosmetic genital procedure is covered or not; but most private insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures.

What can go wrong in labiaplasty?

As all other surgical procedures, labiaplasty has its own risks which can be summarised as:

  • Labiaplasty infection,
  • Labiaplasty dehishence,
  • Labiaplasty hematoma formation,
  • Unsatisfactory scarring,
  • Thanks to advanced surgical techniques and antibiotics, these complications are very rarely seen.

Is a labiaplasty painful?How painful is labiaplasty recovery?

After a labiaplasty procedure it is normal to have pain, burning, swelling or bruising which can be relieved by oral painkiller medications prescribed by your doctor. Pain is very relative after labiaplasty ,some patients say they have very little pain after surgery, but other patients may need to take painkillers for a longer period of time.

Is labiaplasty an easy surgery?

Labiaplasty is a straightforward surgery, mostly performed under local aneshesia and the patient can go home on the same day after surgery.

Is labiaplasty a safe procedure?

According to a study published in 2016 in Aesthetic Surgery Journal Most labiaplasty techniques can be performed safely. It is quite a straightforward procedure performed as an outpatient procedure.

How common are labiaplasty complications?

According to a review study published in 2021, labiaplasty complications are seen in less than 2 percent of the cases. The most common complication is a slight seperation of the labial edge closure and can be repaired under local anesthesia in 4-6 months after surgery.

What are the cons of labiaplasty?

As with every other surgery it is normal to have swelling and pain after a labiaplasty which can be reduced by having rest,taking pain-killers and using ice-packs.

Very rarely there may be infection or seperation of the sutured tissues.You need to see your doctor if you suspect youwr wound is infected.

When do you see final results of a labiaplasty? How long till labiaplasty is fully healed?

It takes around 4-6 weeks for labiaplasty to heal, but wound healing process may continue even afterwards. Some swelling and bruising is normal even beyond that period.

How long after labiaplasty does it look normal?

Apart from slight swelling and brusing, the vulva will look normal after surgery. The healing is very fast if you can have enough rest and use ice packs in an on and off manner.The stitches will fall in about 4-6 weeks.

How long after labiaplasty can I shave?

It is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks after a labiaplasty procedure to shave, wax or have epilation.

Can you do yoga after labiaplasty? When can you exercise after labiaplasty?

You should wait around 6 weeks after surgery and have your doctor’s permission at a control visit before starting to exercise.

When do labiaplasty stitches fall out?

Most stitches (suture material ) will be absorbed around 4-6 weeks after surgery.

How long does labiaplasty take to heal?

Labiaplasty usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal completely.

When can you have sex after labiaplasty?

You should wait around 6 weeks after surgery and have your doctor’s permission at a control visit before starting to have sex.

When can I walk normal after labiaplasty?

Most women return to their daily routines 2-4 weeks after surgery if there are no complications.

Does labiaplasty need to be redone after birth or with age? Does childbirth affect labiaplasty?

For most women the procedure does not need to be revised after child birth or aging.

How many times can you get labiaplasty? Can you get a second labiaplasty?

Most patients will be satisfied with the result of their first surgery and will not need to be reoperated. But revisions may be necessary for patients with certain complications.

Is labiaplasty permanent?

Yes, labiaplasty is a permanent surgical procedure and does not need to be repeated after child birth or aging.

What age should I get labiaplasty?

Any patient over 18 years of age can get a labioplasty, there is no upper age limit. Patients younger than 18 years can have surgery, only if medically indicated.

Is it possible to have labia minora reduction without surgery?

Unfortunately there is no effective alternative to a surgical labiaplasty procedure when a patients seeks help for labial reduction.

How much does it cost to get your labia trimmed?

Labiaplasty cost Turkey depends on the city, clinic or hospital and may vary. You can get in touch with our clinic for detailed information.

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