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G Shot, O Shot In Turkey

G shot, O Shot in Turkey

What does G spot stand for?

Named after Dr. Grafenberg, G spot has been used to decribe a sensitive area in the anterior vaginal wall and it has been claimed that it plays an important role in female vaginal orgasm.

Rather than being a seperate anatomical landmark, G spot is a part of the clitoral network. When the G spot is stimulated, the clitoral network is actually stimulated. This starts a cascade of events from sexual arousal to female orgasm.

This region can vary from woman to woman and therefore it may be difficult to locate the G spot.

Some women ask the question ‘How can I make my G spot more sensitive?

Here is a summary of the answer.

What is G spot augmentation?

G spot augmentation can be achieved by the injection of several types of filler materials into the vagina.

Patient’s own fat tissue retrieved by liposuction or synthetic hyaluronic acid or collagen preparations may be injected into the G spot area on the anterior vaginal wall, so that the G spot becomes more sensitive. This treatment aims to enhance female sexual pleasure.

Injections can be repeated every three to five months.

How is the G shot done? How do you inject the G spot?

Topical anesthesia and ice application may be used to numb the area before fillers are injected using very thin needles. Patients can go on with daily activities right after the procedure.

Is the G shot painful?

G shot is not painful when topical anesthesia and ice packs are used to numb the injection site.

What is the difference between the O shot and the G shot?

O shot is a different procedure in which PRP (platelet rich plasma) derived from patient’s own blood is injected into the clitoris and into the G spot. The injection can be repeated annually.

What is vaginal shot?

It is commonly used to describe G Shot.

What does the G shot do?

It augments the G spot area so that the nerve fibers that belong to the clitoral network can be more easily stimulated to enhance sexual arousal and orgasm.

How long does it take for the G shot to work?

The effect of the G shot starts immediately after filler injection and it typically lasts around 4 months.

What is the average recovery after G shot?

Patients can go on with daily activities and sexual intercourse 4 hours after the injection.

How long does the G shot last?

The effects of the G shot typically last around 4 months, the fillers are absorbed by the body and the injection should be repeated every 4 months for sustained effect.

What are the G shot benefits?

G shot aims to increase the size of the sensitive area in the anterior vaginal wall just below the urethra, so thet it bulges into the vagina. This leads to easier stimulation during vaginal intercourse and increased sexual pleasure. Women report having easier and more intense vaginal orgasms after the G shot.

G shot may also decrease stress urinary incontinence by supporting the urethra. In fact several synthetic filler agents and bioinjectables have been approved for injection around the urethra for women with stress urinary incontinence. They narrow the internal urethral sphincter and provide continence.

What are the G shot side effects?

Possible side effects after the G shot can be summarised as minor bleeding, urinary retention (being unable to empty the urinary bladder) hematuria (blood tinged urine) urinary tract infection, persistant sexual arousal, urinary tract infection.

Does the G shot injection work?

G shot may be done using synthetic collagen or hyaluronic acid preparations or patient’s own fat derived by liposuction. Whatever material is used for augmentation of the G spot, the effects will start immediately. Women report experiencing more frequent and intense orgasms after G shot.

Is the G Shot FDA approved?

Several injectable fillers have been approved by FDA for intrinsic sphincter deficieny (for urinary incontinence) and can be used safely for vaginal injection. But the use for increasing sexual pleasure has not been evaluated by FDA yet.

How much does it cost to get the G shot?

Cost of the G shot depends on the injectable material used (synthetic or autologous fat tissue) and any additional procedures applied concommitantly. You should contact the clinic to get information about the cost of the procedure.

What is the O shot for woman?

O shot is the synonym for Orgasm shot. It is a patented procedure.It involves injection of PRP (platelet rich plasma) derived from patient’s own blood into the clitoral complex. It increases tissue regenaration.

PRP preparation starts with withdrawal of 15 ml of blood from the patient’s arm into a special tube that contains an agent which prevents blood clotting. The blood is centrifuged in a machine so that the plasma can be seperated from the red blood cells. Part of the plasma rich in platelets and growth factors is drawn into a syringe to be injected into the clitoral complex and vaginal wall.

Does the O shot tighten?

O shot s lead to tightening in the vaginal enterance since the filler is applied to the clitoral complex and into the anterior vaginal wall.

Does the O shot work?

PRP contains growth factors which stimulate neovascularisation leading to enhanced sensitivity in the vagina.

O Shot may be used for patients with decreased libido, anorgasmia and pain during sexual intercourse. It increases vaginal lubrication and improves the appearance of vulva by increasing cell renewal.

Is the O shot permanent? How often can you get O shot?

The effect of the O shot may decrease in time and can be repeated every 12 months for better results.

What are the benefits of the O shot?

  • Improving vaginal atrophy in post-menopausal patients,
  • Improving symptoms of lichen sclerosis,
  • Improving vaginal dryness,
  • Decreasing pain during vaginal intercourse,
  • Increasing sensitivity and sexual pleasure,
  • More youthful appearance of the vulva.

When does the O shot start working? How long does it take for the O shot to work?

The effects of the O shot start right away after injection and it is allowed to have intercourse in a few hours. Patients can go on with daily activities right after the injection.

Can O shot or G shot be applied with other procedures?

Both injections can be applied concommitantly with other genital esthetic procedures such as labiaplasty, vaginaplasty, clitoral hoodectomy, mons pubis liposuction or labial puff.

What is the O shot versus G shot cost Turkey

O shot cost depends on the clinic and the equipment and tubes used for injection. It also depends on any additional procedures applied concommitantly. You should contact the clinic to get information about the cost of the procedures.

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