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Hymenoplasty In Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty is the surgical reconstruction of hymen indicated for mainly cultural reasons.

Despite the fact that WHO and UN Women Rights Committee published a statement calling for the elimination of so-called virginity testing, in some cultures ‘virginity testing’ is one of the most commonly googled terms.

There is no scientific basis for the virginity test and no examination whatsoever can prove whether a girl has had sexual intercourse before. Therefore the hymen cannot be used as a proof virginity.

However, for the same cultural reasons, some women may still choose to have a hymenoplasty procedure. They feel they need reconstruction of the hymen because of psychological pressure.

Here we would like to give detailed information about the hymenoplasty procedure.

What is hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is the reconstruction of hymen, which is a mucosal ring-like structure circumferentially surrounding the enterance to the vagina.

In most women, the hymen naturally can stretch large enough for penetration and no laceration or bleeding will occur during first sexual intercourse. However some women may have a thicker hymenal tissue and a few lacerations may occur on the hymen during first vaginal penetration, spotting or bleeidng may occur due to the lacerations.

A hymenoplasty procedure aims to reconstruct hymenal ring so that the opening is narrow enough to cause laceration and bleeding during first intercourse after healing. It also aims to remove all lacerations from previous intercourse so that after healing, the hymen has a smooth, unlacerated inner border.

What is the purpose of hymenoplasty?

The so called purpose of hymenoplasty is to restore virginity. In my opinion, the surgery is performed to relieve anxiety in women and to boost self-confidence before marriage.

What types of hymenoplasty procedures are there?

There are mainly two types of hymenoplasty procedures:

  • Temporary hymenoplasty,
  • Permanent hymenoplasty.

What are the differences between temporary and permanent hymenoplasty procedures?

Temporary hymenoplasty is applied a few days before intercourse, absorbable thin, invisible sutures are used to close the hymenal ring so that it will be lacerated during intercourse to produce bleeding. It is mostly preferred by patients who do not have time to wait until healing.

Permanent hymenoplasty reconstructs the hymen to produce a narrow opening and a healing period is necessary before first intercourse after the operation.

What types of other operations can be done on the hymen?

Some girls are born with rare abnormalities of the hymen. The vaginal enterance may be totally closed by a mucosal membrane from birth (imperforate hymen) blocking the vaginal enterance and a surgery called Hymenectomy may be necessary for menstrual blood to flow out of the vagina. Otherwise blood will accumulate behind the vagina to cause pain and infection.

Sometimes there may be a septum on the hymen from birth and intercourse may not be possible. Septate hymen operation is the removal of this septum on the hymen.

Another congenital anomaly of the hymen is the pinpoint hole on the hymen,hymenectomy is necessary in these patients before vaginal intercourse.

How is hymenoplasty performed?

Permanent or temporary hymenoplasty are commonly performed as an outpatient procedure. Sedation and local anesthesia may be applied in combination during a permanent hymenoplasty whereas local anesthesia would be sufficient for most patients undergoing a temporary hymenoplasty. Self dissolving hymenoplasty sutures are used during the procedure. Patients are discharged on the same day of surgery.

How does hymenoplasty heal?

During a hymenoplasty, self-dissolving sutures are used, so that they do not need to be removed after surgery. It is normal to have some pain, swelling and a little bleeding after the procedure. The patient can spray water on the wound and is advised to keep it dry and clean. Heavy exercise, swimming and sex should be avoided during the first 4-6 weeks after surgery.

Hymenoplasty surgery before and after:

Before surgery you should stop smoking and taking any anti-coagulant medications such as aspirin and also vitamin supplements. You should fast for 12 hours before surgery. You will not be allowed to drive after surgery because of sedation, so you can arrange someone to drive you back home after surgery.

You can take pain killers prescribed by your doctor, other than aspirin. It is important to attend the planned post-operative visits with your doctor to monitorize wound healing.

What is the cost of hymenoplasty surgery in Turkey?

How much does it cost to repair hymen? Hymenoplasty surgery cost will depend on the type of procedure,type of anesthesia and whether it is done as an inpatient or outpatient procedure.There may also be additional procedures  necessary concommitantly.

You will be given detailed information after your inital consultation at our clinic.

How is hymenoplasty performed for international patients?

Hymenoplasty for international patients can be performed in one of our affiliated hospitals or clinics in Antalya, Ankara or Istanbul. Patients who are interested in having a genital esthetic procedure by our team can contact us through e-mail or whatsapp for detailed information.

  • Patients have a free online consultation by filling in a form,
  • After evaluation by the physician, they may be asked to send laboratory test results and images of the surgical area,
  • Surgery and travel is planned by an affiliated travel agency.

Hymenoplasty in Turkey Patient Reviews:

You can visit the 'Patient Testimonials' page on our website to read the reviews of patients who have been operated by Dr. Burcu Saygan Karamürsel.

She is one of the best vaginal rejuvenation surgeons in Turkey, having operated hundreds of patients from all over the world. You can get in touch with us regarding hymenoplasty services and let Dr. Saygan Karamürsel assist you with professionalism and experience. After your consultation, your operation will be tailored according to your specific anatomy, because there is no one procedure that fits all patients.

FAQ’s about Hymenoplasty

Can hymen be repaired?

Yes it can be repaired by a hymenoplasty procedure.

How can I check my hymen at home?

It is almost impossible for a woman to see and check her own hymen, because it is located behind the labia minora, it can only be seen in a lithotomy position, after seperating the labia minora and pushing so that the hymenal orifice will open during a gynecological examination.

How long does hymenoplasty last?

Permanent hymenoplasty will last forever unless you have sexual intercourse. Hymenoplasty surgery takes about 30 minutes and it is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

Does hymenoplasty make you tighter?

Some surgeons may prefer to perform a vaginoplasty procedure in combination with the hymenoplasty so that the vaginal orifice becomes tighter after a hymenoplasty.

Is it safe to do hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is safe in most patients unless they have certain risk factors for poor wound healing, infection or bleeding.

Is hymenoplasty surgery painful?

It is normal to have some bruising and pain during the first few days after surgery. Resting, on and off ice application and pain killers are enough to relieve pain for most patients.

Is hymenoplasty surgery successfull?What is the success rate of hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty surgery is successfull in narrowing the vaginal enterance but it does not guarantee bleeding at first vaginal intercourse.

Can hymenoplasty be detected?

It is not possible to detect that a woman has had hymenoplasty procedure, once healing is complete and sutures are dissolved.

Can I do hymenoplasty twice?

The techniques of temporary and permanent hymenoplasty make it possible to repeat the procedure when necessary.

How many days of rest is necessary after hymenoplasty?

You need to rest a few days after hymenoplasty surgery before going back to routine daily activities. But for heavy activity including swimming and sports you may need to wait for at least 4 weeks.

Can you walk after hymenoplasty?

You can walk once you are totally awake after sedation. Still it is recommended that you have someone to accompany you back home.

Can you travel after hymenoplasty?

You may even travel on the same day after hymenoplasty surgery, but of course it is more comfortable if you can stay and have a rest for a few days postoperatively.

Can you drive after hymenoplasty?

It is not safe to drive after having sedation even when you are totally awake, because you may be less alert with diminished reflexes.

Will I bleed after hymenoplasty?

It is normal to have slight bleeding during the first week after a hymenoplasty.

What is hymenoplasty failure?

Hymenoplasty failure is when there is dehiscence (seperation) of the wound before the attempted healing is complete. Revision may be necessary in such cases.

Does hymenoplasty guarantee bleeding?

Hymenoplasty does not guarantee bleeding because hymenal mucusa is an elastic structure and it may stretch during intercourse so that it may not bleed even when the vaginal orifice is narrowed by reconstruction.

How does sex feel after hymenoplasty?

Sexual intercourse will feel normal after hymenoplasty surgery when the healing is complete.

When can you have sex after a hymenoplasty?

You should wait 4-6 weeks for healing after a hymenoplasty before having sexual intercourse.

What can you not do after hymenoplasty?What should be avoided after hymenoplasty?

You should not swim, squat, make heavy sports, you should not wash in the tub after hymenoplasty. You should not wear tight underwear for 2 weeks. You should not smoke or drink alcohol. You should avoid moisture around the wound and keep it dry and clean.

What are hymenoplasty side effects?

Like all other surgical procedures, complications may occur rarely after a hymenoplasty procedure such as bleeding, infection and hematoma formation.Most of them can be easily treated so you should contact your surgeon as soon as you notice foul smelling discharge or heavy bleeding from the wound.

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