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  • Labiaplasty Turkey

    Labiaplasty term is most commonly used to describe the surgical procedure of reduction of the size of labia minora. Labia minora are the mucosal tissue folds located on both sides of the vaginal orifice.

    Female external genitelia may be of various shapes, sizes and colours. There is no certain description of the normal vulva. However recently there is a trend of increase in the number of female patients applying for genital esthetic procedures

    Labiaplasty Turkey
  • Labial Puff Surgery

    This procedure is also known as Labial fat grafting or labia majora augmentation. Labial puff is a non-surgical office procedure of rejuvenating the labia majora. Certain labial fillers are injected into the labia to plump them.

    Labia majora (the outer lips surrounding the inner lips on both sides) may get deflated, loose and saggy due to several reasons. The vulvar skin may look older due to labial laxity.

    Labial Puff Surgery
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